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salvato1.jpg (15047 bytes) Salvatore's Italian Gardens and Garden Place Hotel - Buffalo, NY

This went through a number of kiln fires to achieve it's fine design. Brush strokes were intentionally left in the hand painted, soft pink border to give it an artistic quality. Fine line artwork, enameling, and 24 karat gold complete this exquisite piece.

"I have had many requests for a commemorative plate from our customers. Working with you, your design ability, quality of work and friendly service has made it possible for our establishment to have one. Thank you Nancy, for your fine effort

Russell J Salvatore.

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Fisher-Price Inc. - East Aurora, NY

For years it has been the tradition of Fisher Price Inc. to offer their employees commemorative Christmas ornaments. In 1996, when NCM Studio began producing their ornaments, we started a new tradition: Featuring that year's commemorative toy on the ornament.

"NCM Studio has exhibited the highest degree of professionalism and quality standards of workmanship in our dealings with them.

The studio not only provides their services on a timely basis but their input has been invaluable in creating works of art that are lasting and unique.

We recommend NCM Studio for your next project."


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caldwel1.jpg (5295 bytes) caldwel2.jpg (5517 bytes) J.E. Caldwell & Co. Jewelers - Philadelphia, PA

We have an ongoing relationship of producing a variety of custom projects for J.E. Caldwell's corporate division. Many of these designs include hours of historical research.

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Disney World - Orlando, FL

When designing some special projects for Disney, we went from a very small ring box to a jumbo 72 oz. teapot. Mickey's head on the ring box is 3D. The teapot was designed to be a limited edition hand painted collectible.

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fannys.jpg (17979 bytes) Fanny's Restaurant - Buffalo, NY

This service plate was designed in coordination with the redesigning of the main dining room. The swirls on the plate echo shapes found in the both the wrought iron work on the walls, and the carpet chosen, completing a totally coordinated look.

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Buffalo Yacht Club - Buffalo, NY

Since 1994 the Studio has supplied the BYC's premier regatta. These trophies have been very well received by their racing participants.

Your personal attention to designing a different theme for our trophies year after year while working within out budget has been outstanding. But most important you have met all of our deadlines which obviously is always a concern when hosting a major regatta.

Buffalo Yacht Club

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landm1.jpg (17286 bytes) Landmark Furniture - Williamsville, NY

A series of Western NY Christmas ornaments were produced as a marketing campaign for Landmark Furniture Co. Sold exclusively through their store, a new ornament is released each year.

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power1.jpg (14127 bytes) Power Funding Group - Amherst, NY

This coffee set is used to serve business associates and clientele in the conference rooms of each of Power Funding's branches throughout New York State. A gift boxed mug matching this set is given to each customer as a thank you.

Tom Ruthven


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cvsm.jpg (19724 bytes) Christini's Restaurant - Orlando, FL

Unhappy with the existing design, I was given the task of redesigning Christini's service plate to more closely match the logo on their business cards. Although my design was never purchased, I felt it was a spectacular design which warranted being shown!

Pictured is the original plate at upper left, my design lower right and Christini's logo below.

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About the Studio Custom Designed Dinnerware Bridal Gallery Price List
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